“ Tango Argentino de Salón ”

2nd. edition

The first volume of the "Encyclopaedia of the Milonguero" featuring Argentinean "Tango de Salón". This is a splendid compilation of concepts and figures in Argentinean "Tango de Salón", inherited directly from the creators of this style. This DVD is the ultimate reference for those Tango dancers who want to master "Tango de Salón".


What it is Our DVD N º 1 " Tango Argentino de Salón" is a course of Tango dance and there contains a whole of 68 (sixty eight) lessons. But it is not an ordinary course. It is the only accessible way of knowing the real foundations of the Argentine Tango of Salón from wherever you are.

What is the importance of this style? The style Argentine Tango of Salón is obligatory in the World Championship of Tango of Buenos Aires, and is indispensable for every lover of tango dance. It is not possible to dance the Argentine Tango without knowing these foundations.

Why? Because the Tango dance is " posture, elegance and cadence" which are the most difficult concepts to apply in practice in the Milongas, together with the art of being able "to turn and walk the Tango". It is easy to see who dominate this principles and who does not in the Milongas.
In 1939 the technique of "the turn" was created in the Tango dance and it was applied first to this dance style.

In this unique DVD you will find original concepts and figures, real invaluable treasures Because This DVD contains the original concepts, without alterations, of two of the biggest creators of the history of Tango dance. If we had not decided to publish this collection, all this knowledge would have got lost because their teachings always went oral and personal transmission, and sometimes, just to chosen pupils.

Who were they? The Teachers Carlos Estévez "Petróleo" and José Vázquez "Lampazo", recognized throughout the world as the maximum exponents of this dance style.

What did they do? In 1940 teacher Petróleo modified Tango dance and created the figures and concepts which compounds the Tango which is danced today. There did not exist another Teacher of so much importance. Lampazo was his direct and great continuing pupil.

What will I learn in this unique DVD? You will receive the teachings the author Carlos El Tordo received (direct disciple of Lampazo for almost 30 years). You will know and understand the concepts that were and are real laws to Tango dancers. If you dominate these important concepts, you will stand out among the real Tango dancers in any dance hall that you dance, without any doubt!.

Why is it called "DVD simple compilation"? Because we show the treasure of these creators in the shape of a Collection, with two demostrations of every figure (a general one and a different capture of feet), reducing the explanations only to the necessary. To go deep into technical details we´ll offer you other special works.

Are there any other DVDs with those characteristics and so many lessons? NO, absolutely. It is unique in its kind, genre and content, and the most competitive as regards price

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